Jnane House, with a total of ten bedrooms, combines the architecture and layout of the traditional 'ryad' (courtyard house) with the spaciousness of a country home. The first courtyard gives access to comfortable, intimate living and dining rooms. There are six bedrooms on the garden level – four of them around a second courtyard – and an additional four bedrooms on the upper-level, opposite a wide roof terrace. Two further private rooms are available in Dar Ylane, a separate house a short walk away. The grounds, which comprise extensive gardens and two large pools, offer numerous alcoves for discreet private dining.


‘‘Meryanne Loum-Martin undoubtedly has the Midas touch. A-list celebrities flock to JnaneTamsna like moths to a flame. It’s grand yet low-key, uber-stylish yet down-to-earth, and tranquil without ever being boring. How does she do it?’’
Paula Hardy, Lonely Planet guide